September 28, 2014, Eubank Baptist Church celebrated 130 years of faithful service to the Lord.  Download an updated version of our church history by clicking the link below.

Eubank Baptist Church 130 year Heritage Celebration





The Eubank Baptist Church of Eubank, Kentucky is rich in history with collections of stories dated from 1884 when it began not far from the current location to the present where we continue to worship and grow in fellowship together.

According to the first recorded history, in April 1877 the Antioch Baptist Church was organized in the small community of Cuba, Kentucky. Brother W. S. Taylor was the first pastor, John Brewer was appointed deacon and F. H. Singleton was clerk.

In 1878 a committee was appointed to investigate the idea of selling the church property and moving the church to Eubank. In 1882 a building committee was appointed and deeds were secured for the new church property. Grounds were given by Alex Carman. The new building was erected and the first service was held in the new building the third Saturday in November, 1883. The first Saturday in May, 1884 the church met in regular business and changed the name of the church to Eubank Baptist Church, Eubank, Kentucky.


In 1937 the church tore down the old building and began to build a new one. The new church took two years to complete. During construction the group of members met in the Eubank School gymnasium. Despite all the hardships the church continued to grow in attendance.

In 1984 the church held its 100th Anniversary Celebration.

Due to the growth and lack of future expansion at this location the church saw the need to move on. In the spring of 1992 there was a groundbreaking and construction began on the land that was obtained from the Estate of Barclay Osborne. Construction was completed in December 1992 and the first service held in our current location prior to Christmas.

As the Church continued to grow there was yet another need for expansion. The expansion would provide the Church with facilities for growing ministries as well as additional educational classrooms and parking. The committee was formed and we broke ground on Easter Sunday 2006 and were ready to move into the facility the Sunday before Thanksgiving that same year. The new educational building holds approximately 350 people. The new facility has three floors and 20 new Sunday School rooms as well as space in the basement which is used for many ministries



In 2009 the Church celebrated its 125th anniversary and in 2014 we now look forward to gathering together once again to celebrate the 130th year milestone and reflect on five years of fellowship and serving.